God Winks

Sep 18

Romans 8:28 has been one of our mantras for a long time now, and yet, the beautiful mystery of God’s control amidst the chaos of free will can be confounding.  The admonition to simply trust that “He’s working it all out” can come off as an unfulfilling platitude, at times.  Yet as a believer in an all-loving and all-powerful God, sometimes we as humans need to give God a little credit for being God and doing things that we can’t fully wrap our minds around (Psalms 131 — “I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me“).  Even more, we need to refocus our attention to those glimpses of God moving in our everyday moments, “God winks”, we call them.  Retraining ourselves to reflect back on the all the small streams that have eventually come together to form the larger river gives much-needed encouragement to face the present with confident gratitude.

[Tim Keller’s sermon “Does God Control Everything?” recounted the rather fascinating path of how his church, Redeemer Pres in NYC, came into existence.  The catalytic event, which set all the others in motion is surprising, to say the least!]

As we move forward toward our second Seasons Weekend, it’s hard not to smile a little bit as we are reminded how the Lord brought all the pieces together.  For us, the first connect to Seasons came through our dear friends, Brook and Justin Hensley.  They own Dream Dinners, a business which helps families prepare delicious and easy meals, which Nicole Johnson Newman (creator of Seasons) has used for years.  Brook had mentioned our story to Nicole, who was touched, but there was no real avenue for us to connect yet.  Fast forward several months ahead…

Katherine had been asked to speak to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in LA, which she loves, but honestly, any such speaking engagement often takes a large chunk of the day and requires someone to drive and help her, etc.  Nonetheless, she really enjoyed it, and a few days later, was contacted by a woman who works for the American Heart/Stroke Association to enlist her as the speaker for its upcoming “Go Red” luncheon (posting here).  That event led to a second “Go Red” luncheon at the end of April.

{Funny enough, the Hensleys were our guests at the luncheon that day}

Another participant at the luncheon that day, as well as the previous one Katherine spoke at, was the photographer, named Nancy Newman.  Nancy just so happens to be the sister-in-law of Nicole Johnson Newman.  Shortly after this event, some big pieces of Seasons Weekend shifted, leaving Nicole to figure out how to move forward.  That’s when Nancy told her about a woman named Katherine Wolf who she heard speak at the “Go Red” luncheon.  “Maybe her story would be a good fit for Seasons?”, Nancy told Nicole.  Needless to say it was.

{from left, me, Roy Newman, Nicole Johnson Newman, Nancy Newman, Brook Hensley, and Justin Hensley at the Seasons Weekend in LA}


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