I am “Job”

May 30

I guess when it rains it pours.  I certainly don’t ever want to be “Debbie Downer” on here, but sharing some of my life annoyances is not only cathartic for me but possibly also perspective-giving for you, so here goes—waah waah.


A few days ago, likely in response to some itching induced by a straggler flea, I spontaneously broke out in hives.  Needless to say, it freaked us out a bit, but aside from the extreme itching and burning, I didn’t feel badly or have respiratory issues, so we didn’t even see a doctor.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go away, and a few days after, it actually hurt so bad to walk, I couldn’t even go to church.  Well, it’s almost five days later, and the hives have lessened quite a bit, but they are still there.  It’s always something I guess.


I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, again, and was comparing myself to Job, as I was laid out in bed, my body covered in these crazy, painful sores.  I thought it best not to sit on a heap of ashes and scrape the hives with broken shards of pottery, like Job (still not sure why that seemed like a good idea to him).  In reality, none of my situation has anything to compare to Job’s, and I certainly hope to never experience anything like him.


In a rather stream of consciousness state, probably the Benadryl talking, my mind jumped to an old favorite movie, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, the scene where Robin Williams calls his soon-to-be-ex-wife, impersonating different potential nannies, and states in broken English, “I am job” (close enough).  I couldn’t help but giggle, which actually kind of hurt, but it truly was good medicine.


All that to say, if you are feeling Job-ish, know that you’re not alone.  That is why we are blessed to share in this life together, so can commiserate with each other, and hopefully laugh a little bit at it all too.

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