I’m An Aunt!

Oct 07

Jay’s sister, Sarah, just gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ruth Glory Sizemore (she’ll go by “Glory”).  What a lovely and special name, in honor of Mary Ruth (Jay’s mother) and the good Lord.  We are so thrilled for Sarah and Jeremiah, and we are so excited to be an aunt and uncle for the first time.  I imagine it’s kind of like being a grandparent in that you get to love and experience this person in a totally different way than your own child, and at the end of the day, you can give them back to their own parents!  What a little cutie–we can’t wait to meet her this Christmas.

It really seems like just the other day that we got to spend a wonderful 4th of July with Sarah and Jeremiah in their home, and Jeremiah’s hometown, of Lexington, KY.  We had made a trip back South at the end of June and while in Alabama, we decided we could rearrange our schedule a bit and extend our trip to drive up to Kentucky (our first time there) with the rest of Jay’s family.  I’m so glad we did.  What a great little visit!  It was the quintessential 4th of July–conversations on the covered porch in the afternoon rain, backyard swimming, barbecue, and fireworks, watching the sun set in a field of fireflies–it was truly out of a movie.

Sarah and Jeremiah have opened a series of frozen yogurt shops in Lexington called “Orange Leaf” (if you’re in the Kentucky area–check them out!) which I can attest are incredibly delicious and such a fun treat for the whole family.  Their business has been received with rave reviews and tremendous success (I especially love the story of the pregnant customer and her mom who actually came by to get a to-go frozen yogurt on the way to deliver the baby).  We are so happy for them!

No Wolf/Arnold trip is complete without some good eats.  I even had one of my favorites, shrimp and grits.  What can I say, Kentucky, you did me right!

{All pictures are by Jay and his “delightful” sister, Alex}

We love you Baby Glory!  Can’t wait to spend another Kentucky 4th of July with you!

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