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Jul 31

Along with St. John’s Preschool (see previous post), one of the most important investments of time I made throughout last year was attending Community Bible Study (CBS) in Santa Monica, with James, who attended the fabulous kids’ program.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful group this past year and hopefully in years to come as well.

Recently, I was encouraging a friend with a young baby at home to find a place, like a MOPS group or a bible study, like CBS, to get plugged into with her baby.  The commitment and effort feel a bit daunting on the outset, but oh so worth it!  It’s a hassle — I get it — I had to find a ride across town during rush hour traffic in LA for James and I almost every week (thank you dear friends who picked me up all those times)!  Just like any good thing, there was a decent investment required but the payoff was exponentially more!

{Me & Brook Hensley, my lovely CBS group leader and dear friend}

For me, CBS was a chance to consistently bond with other wonderful women, all from different walks of life, in different ages and stages (a rarity, especially in LA — a city obsessed with all things youth).  What an opportunity to be mentored by women who have gained so much wisdom from years of journeying through life!

Even better, many of these same women ended up teaching James in the kids program.  To this day, James will burst out in an enthusiastic Bible song or volunteer to pray or offer up an insightful one-liner about God, all of which he learned from CBS.

These pictures are from the last day of CBS this year (which was James’ first and last year since he will be in full-time school from now on) where the kids processed down the aisle of the sanctuary (where I shared my testimony on my 3oth birthday a few months ago,) and sang the new songs they learned for all of us beaming parents.  Jay even came and took these pics!

We all spend a lot of time doing things that don’t matter much in the grand scheme, but I’ve seen up close and personal the value of being a part of communities like CBS and St. John’s and Bel Air Presbyterian (our sweet church home).  We need support to get through this life.  Our kids need faith-filled adults to pour into their growing minds.

Even now with a broken leg and a saddened (but NOT broken) heart, I see how groups like this feed your soul for the hard times and fuel your faith for the good times.  Thank you, CBS!  I LOVE YOU!

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