Jun 14

I’ve got a few special events coming up this summer that I’m excited about.  Though I love Cocodot for online invitations, there’s nothing like the real deal.  Going to the mailbox and fishing out a thick, beautiful envelope is kind of like Christmas morning for me (weird, I know; Jay makes fun of me for my stationery obsession).


I’m a particular sucker for a big fancy wedding invitation, with all the swirls and embellishments, the over-sized, thick paper.  It makes my heart sing!


Debby Pouncey, a lovely family friend from the South, recently gave us a special gift by virtue of a calligraphy job she did for Jay’s family.  It was an incredibly thoughtful and wonderful gesture.  Thank you so much Debby!  Her calligraphy is fabulous, by the way (see right above), and check out her website, Pouncey’s Pen.


Look at this (well, the top half of it at least!)   I’m so excited about this upcoming, luncheon event where I will be sharing my story.  I can’t tell you where or when it is (my husband is very cautious about these things), but I can tell you that they are flying me in to speak to a group of mothers and daughters over lunch.  Look at this beautiful, letterpress invite (definitely one of my favorite stationery types).  I deeply love blue and white anything and these ladies read my mind.  They chose “Too Blessed to be Bitter” for the title.  What could be better?


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