Like Mommy, Like Son

Nov 04

James has a sweet tooth that rivals his Mommy’s.  Unfortunately, decisions have consequences and little Jamesie recently had several cavities to show for all his good times.  A few weeks ago, we were back South, in Montgomery, where I had a speaking engagement at Eastern Hills Baptist Church (a HUGE thank you to the over 400 women who came to the event–I loved being with you!)  We had a little extra time and headed over to Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry (thanks to the recommendation from my fabulous, Montgomery friend, Carrie Stanley Phillips, whose brother, David, is part of the practice).  Literally, Dr. David is so good–he fixed James up in no time!  Not a tear was shed.  But the best part of the appointment may have been getting this little memento…

Certain circumstances, usually when he’s in trouble, prompt James to do “Mommy’s smile”.  Though I hope he doesn’t do it permanently, every time I see that little imitation crooked smile, my heart melts.  So priceless!

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