My Mother’s Day

May 21

Every year gets better.



 I had a wonderful, wonderful Mother’s Day.  I try to never go into too much detail about the gifts, treats, or meals Jay cooks and serves me on special occasions (I don’t wanna annoy you or boast about his awesomeness), but suffice it to say, he goes all out.  He happens to be the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known.  Enough about him though.  I’m actually writing this to tell you about the Mother’s Day card that James came home from school with last Friday (see above).


At first blush, the contents of this card could have made me really sad.  The first sentiment James attaches to his Mommy is not, “Thank you for taking me to the beach” or “I love when we play at the park together”, but rather, “I like going with her to the hospital”.  However, as soon as this sad thought landed, a sweeter one overwhelmed it.  The simple words on that card belie a deeper meaning, a revelation that James is developing into a little boy who recognizes his life and his Mommy look a little different than that of his friends.  He does go with me to the hospital.  This is the type of character-creation I never could have dreamed I could give him.  One day, after I am long gone and in Heaven, he can tell his grandchildren about how his “Mommy’s brain got hurt” and how “she had lots of surgeries and doctor’s appointments to make it better”.  In a world obsessed with protection, safety, cleanliness and the avoidance of hardship, I could never have imbued these “gifts” to James were it not for my stroke.


These cards he brings home from school are a glimpse inside his little mind.  We pray that he will be a man who appreciates the differences in others and feels compassion for the less fortunate and suffering all around him.  We pray for that perspective of knowing what a TRUE problem in life actually looks like.  We pray for a kindness and bedside manner that comes along the hurting all around us.  Maybe this card is a small indication that he is heading in that direction.



Aside from that beautiful revelation, the loveliest part of the day was a delicious brunch complete with pancakes – James favorite!  James could not even make it to his bed for his Sunday afternoon nap; he just settled right on the living room couch.



I am so very blessed.  What a sweet little boy, though clearly, he is not going to be a little boy for long…


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