New Year, New Hope

Jan 10

Happy 2013, folks!  The fact that we are wishing you a Happy New Year on January 10th is a pretty great reflection of where we are at now…catching up, breathing, building in more margins, and resting in the goodness and hope of a new year.


It was a wonderful Christmas break with our families and friends–not perfect by any stretch, even messy at times–but we are at a place of deep gratitude that we can even be with ones we love during special moments and that we even have families who love each other enough to make great efforts to come together.  Our holiday came to a glorious finish at the Passion Conference in Atlanta (more on that later)–so thankful to have been given that experience to bolster us as we step into this new year.


Despite our present, intentionally-slowed pace of life, we are working very diligently to pull together some exciting new changes for us and for this little ministry of story and hope that we call Hope Heals.   It’s been our privilege, even somewhat of our burden, to open our lives, the pain and the joy, in order to paint a real-life picture of a redemption for others to see.  Of course, in the process, we have been received much more hope for our continued journey than we have given, and for that, and much more, we will be eternally grateful to everyone who has walked the road with us.


So basically, we will be formalizing our ministry and broadening its scope, while nurturing and crafting the telling of our story in several new mediums and through new outlets.  Many more details will follow in the weeks and months ahead, but we will shoot for a big launch on the upcoming, 5th anniversary of Katherine’s second chance at life, April 22, 2013, affectionately known to us as “Katherine Lived Day”.  We ask for your prayers as we move forward in the direction of faith that we feel the Lord is drawing us.  The whole journey of trusting the purposes of the Lord over the plans in our heads is not for the faint of heart, but it is a journey that is full of immeasurably more good than we could ask or imagine.

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