Remembering Fondly

Jul 30

Summer has seemingly just begun, but in truth, it’s just about over.  Though our summer majorly detoured with a broken leg, we still had some fabulous times over the past few months.  Sometimes it’s good to think back on those when the present times are not any fun to dwell on.  It would certainly be a shame to have had so many beautiful experiences during thus summer and yet only ever remember the one really bad thing that happened.  So humor us for the next week or so, if you will, and enjoy some more lighthearted times with the Wolfs!

In what seems like an absolute blur, James graduated from preschool earlier this Summer.  He began it a wild-haired toddler and ended it a wild-haired little boy.

I remember the night before he started in the fall of 2010.  We drove to the informational session totally second-guessing whether sending James to preschool was the right thing.  He wasn’t even potty-trained!  Perhaps we were also still mourning a bit of the time we had lost with him during the preceding two years knowing that once we started down the school road, there would be no turning back.  Before we know it, years will have passed and our little guy will have grown into a man.

Thankfully our fears were quickly allayed.  Several of the teachers approached us with tears in their eyes saying they had been a part of the Community Bible Study group that our friend Anna attended as she cared for James the first 2 months after my stroke.  Those women who prayed for and took care of James in that CBS setting were now going to be his teachers at St. John’s.  What confirmation that preschool, and more specifically St. John’s, was the place where James was meant to be (by the way, if you live in LA, particularly on the Westside, check out this fabulous school–it’s the BEST preschool in our opinion!)

From that initial “God wink” all through the next two years, we were overwhelmed by the kindness and love shown to our family by the teachers and school staff, particularly the wonderful director, Hanne Overbeck, and Margaret, the administrator, as well as James’ teachers, Mrs. Kishi, Mrs. Lugie, and Ms. Tracey.  And James matured so much from his first year (posting here) to his second year (posting here) and from his second year to the present, from a baby to a child to a boy, not only physically, socially, intellectually, but most importantly in his understanding who God is in his life.  All through the same preschool experience.

  When his “graduation day” came, it was definitely a bittersweet ending to a special chapter in James’ life, one which will forever shape who that little boy will become and one for which we will be eternally grateful.  To the entire St. John’s Nursery School family, we love you, and thanks for everything!

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