Jun 18
The years following Katherine’s stroke have been a series of ups and downs, joys and sorrows.  Perhaps the one constant besides the Lord has been that things are always changing.  That notion is seen in nature as the Earth spins on its axis, and we experience the seasons.  It’s also seen in the picture of a life, moving from the awakening of Spring to the slumber of Winter.


In many ways, it’s been a tough year for us as we’ve adjusted to our “new normal” life, and yet that adjustment has left us wanting and waiting for more.  We have felt so ready to move forward in our lives and ministry and the telling of our story, and yet the pieces were not coming together as we so desperately wanted them to.  Yet, in the Lord’s timing, very recently, some of those pieces have rather beautifully fallen into place.  We have been praying for a new season and quite literally, I think we have found it.


Through one of the more providential circumstances that I have heard in a while (and that’s saying something), we were connected with Nicole Johnson, a long-time Christian speaker, author, performer, and all-around lovely lady.  After about three hours of all of us sharing our hearts, it was clear that a new season just might be here.  Seasons Weekend was created by Nicole as a new type of ministry experience, perhaps an answer to the deep desire of our souls to find rest from the tumultuous existence in which we all live.  Katherine and I (yes, this weekend will be for dudes too!) will be coming on board with this phenomenal team to share our story of hope through the different seasons of life and marriage.


We are honored and hopeful and overwhelmed by God’s goodness.  Once disparate, dissonant elements are now culminating precisely as they were always intended.  The crescendoing sounds of His symphony are ringing in our ears, and the music is beautiful.


More details and you guessed it–DEALS–to follow soon.
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