The First Week of TK (or BK as some would say)

Sep 11

That little raised hand is actually an accurate depiction of how the 1st week of “Big Kid” School went for James.  “YES, PLEASE!!!!  I’d like some more!”

He may have even burst into Annie’s “I think I’m gonna like it here” (or maybe that was just Mommy).

Suffice it to say, he really loves his school, teacher, and new classmates.  All is well in this Mama’s world after knowing that.

Honestly, I think if he would have been resistant or upset AT ALL, I would have been a wreck.  Instead, I was a bit of a wreck because my baby now goes to “Big Kid School”!  (After dropping him off, Jay wisely took me to Starbucks for a good, long cry, and of course a healthy dose of the black gold…perked me right up!)

Several of his classmates asked about my leg.  In a way, it was nice (and a relief) to have kids see my boot and assume I was in the wheelchair solely because of my broken leg.  I’m sure there will be some tough conversations and hard moments in the future, but for now, the kids have been really sweet and that feared aspect of this transition has not come in to play at all.

On that first afternoon (and the several since), Jay has pushed me over to the school to retrieve our little guy after a full day.  I must admit, my heart beat quickens as we round the corner to his classroom, and every time, our “big kid” sees us and lets out a loud “Mom, Dad”, and runs to us.  Then, since he’s tired, or as I like to assume, since he just loves being my baby, he climbs into my lap, and Daddy pushes us home.

For this and so many other things, I am so grateful.  Thanks for all your sweet prayers and concerns regarding this milestone.  It has turned out better than we could have asked.

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