Weekend Links -May 19, 2012

May 19

We figure the weekend might be a time you look around the internet a bit more than usual.  If so, we wanted to share a few recent links we are loving this week…


Even Jay’s sweet grandparents are totally into coconut oil, here are LOTS of uses for it (122 to be exact)


Another one of Target’s great collaborations–The Shops at Target–this time it throws a bone to the “mom & pop shops” (I got this for Mother’s Day)


James has just discovered water balloons (scary, I know), which made this photo series of  water balloons in mid-burst all the more interesting


COFFEE FOREVER!  Loving the black gold into my 90s


Just might makes these cinnamon roll almond flour donuts and dunk them in my black gold


Very lovely Mother’s Day brunch by Sunday Suppers with recipes


Absolutely heartbreaking/heartwarming video about a mother and her special needs baby


50 great-looking downloadable fonts (many of which are FREE)


Lots of delicious options for COOKING spinach (no need to gag down the raw stuff)


For me, getting ready for outdoor summer fun ALWAYS includes a big floppy hat (I’ve got enough problems–I don’t skin cancer!), here are some cute options


Really interesting article on smells & memory  AND correspondingly, how to make your own perfume (wish I could bottle that smell of my grandparents’ house)


Love finding (or more specifically hearing) beauty in unexpected places…Gabriel Royal singing in the Brooklyn subway






I will have a marathon of doctors’ appointments on Monday – 3 back-to-back, actually (my husband’s brilliant idea to avoid 3 separate trips to UCLA.)  Please pray for them (and for us).  WE ARE SO TIRED OF DOCTOR VISITS.  NO MORE!  (Good thing I have a fabulous weekend to enjoy first…)

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