Weekend Links – May 26, 2012

May 26

Wow, gorgeous story of Ian & Larissa and the beauty of marriage from John Piper’s Desiring God blog — this reminds me of us (in a small way).  I SOBBED outloud.  This picture of love and commitment moves me deeply, perhaps because I’ve tasted that and seen how sweet it is.


Easy way to class up your IKEA furniture–Pretty Pegs


A poignant reflection on packing up grandpa’s house


A beautiful photo essay (with recipes) of a casual summertime lunch at John Derian’s Cape Cod home


Sweet online store with lots of festive little banners–all $10


The simplest way to make a delicious roast chicken


Inspirations for casual/real/beautiful family photo shoots via The Glow


A funny and thoughtful Mother’s Day sermon at Willow Creek Church by Shauna Niequist


Nice summer lipstick trick


Insightful blog entry on how NOT to miss a childhood (key thought — make it “hands free”)


Perfect Memorial Day dessert


Not to forget why we are able to celebrate this glorious holiday weekend…Memorial Day Tribute



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