Weekend Links – June 9, 2012

Jun 09

For the Love of Pie indeed…classic apple pie by Katie and Nathan Williams of Kinfolk

Five free downloadable fonts 


Crazily talented young gals, not only with their surprisingly mature/beautiful voices but their percussion skills too 


Reasons to ditch drinking soft drinks (try the new Peach-Pear La Croix instead) 


Powerful blog post on being a dangerous disciple (not just living safely) in your world 


So many things have changed yet so many are the same over the past 50 years 


Lovely video demonstrating the perfect method to “french press” coffee–my favorite! 


These frozen bananas sound like a heavenly summer treat 


Totally different but equally as summery/yummy frozen banana treat 


This video made me SOB as I struggle to relearn to walk as well 


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